"Hemophilia is a disorder that affects about 17,000 people in the USA.  Most of the 17,000 are males.  A person will have hemophilia for his or her entire life.  There are three levels of hemophilia.  In this brochure, we offer some facts about severe hemophilia A and B.

    Hemophilia is a disorder caused by an error in a person's genetic  makeup.  This genetic makeup is set by a code passed on to an unborn child.  When the code is working in the right way, it signals a series of steps that help control bleeding by clotting.  The steps the body uses to form a clot need proteins that are called  clotting factors.  A person with hemophilia has an error in this clotting code.  This error means that some of the factors are missing or are not working in the right way.  This error in the code can cause those with hemophilia to bleed longer than others do.  It is then harder for a clot to form and for the bleeding to stop.  This is most true for bleeding inside the body..."

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